Different Methods for Mixing Concrete

Making concrete is quite simple, but appropriate mixing of concrete components is the most crucial since it impacts the quality of concrete.A well-mixed concrete must meet the following prerequisites:Concrete ought to be uniform in color.

Homogeneous mixing of concrete materials such as cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. Cement glue should cover all of the surface of the aggregate. Segregation shouldn’t happen following the mixing of concrete.

In Regards to Mixing concrete, you’ll find 3 options to choose from:

Hand mixing (Implementing Concrete with no Mixer):

Hand mixing is the practice of blending the different materials of concrete .

Mixing concrete with no mixer is used just for smaller works. Mixing of materials will likely be performed on masonry platform or horizontal iron sheet plates.

Spread the measured amount of sand onto the stage, then cement will be thrown onto the sand. The cement and sand shall be mixed thoroughly with the assistance of shovels from the arid state. The measured quantity of coarse aggregate shall be spread out, along with the combination of sand cement propagate on it and blended correctly. Depression is created at the middle of the blended materials.

Insert 75 percent of the necessary quantity of water from the depression and blend with the assistance of shovels. Insert the rest of the amount of water and then keep the mixing procedure until a uniform color and consistency of concrete is got. Time of blending concrete shouldn’t exceed 3 minutes.

The blending platform ought to be washed in the conclusion of the day’s work.

Machine Mixing (Mixing Concrete using a Mixer)

While hand blending is a quite superior procedure to make sure the quality of concrete, in bigger projects where large masses of concrete are needed, it’s neither feasible nor wise.

Hand mixing also does not guarantee the constant homogeneity of concrete. Additionally, the requirements for short mixing time and consistency, homogeneous grade of concrete are rising day by day, which can’t be fulfilled by hand blending.

Machine mixing with good Attachment like Auger Bucket fulfill all the requirements mentioned previously. Nowadays various kinds of cement mixers can be found that are petrol/diesel or electrically powered. In India, traditionally concrete was produced on site together with all the crude mixer machine equipments and usage of labor force.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the cement that’s generated from the mill or in a batching plant and delivered at a ready-to-use method. The quality of the resulting concrete is much far better compared to site-mixed concrete.

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